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Our Happy Clients


My son Kenan has been receiving tutoring sessions from Superior Leaning for almost 1 ½ years now. He struggled with Math and I have tried other tutor services in the past but none of the other services helped him much. Once Ken started with this company, he immediately improved and had greater motivation than with any other company we used in the past. He even received a letter from his teacher congratulating him on a 12% overall average improvement from last year's report card average!

D. Purisic

I am very pleased to write this for Superior Learning. They have worked with both of my children since August 2016 and we have nothing but positive things to say about them. They are very respectful, conscientious, professional, and easy going. I feel that my kids are having a higher confidence as they walk into the classroom with more knowledge on that particular topic. I would highly recommend Superior Learning to anyone looking for high quality private tutoring.

C. Morra

I'm more than proud to write this for Superior Learning. They have been tutoring my kids, Rocco and Diana, on a weekly basis for the past year and half. My kids have improved academically and most importantly their confidence in Math and other subjects has grown tremendously. Academics is truly important to both our children and we are grateful for all the positive reinforcement Superior Learning has instilled in our children.

V. Andreacchi

Superior Learning has been of great help to my daughter. My daughter struggled a bit with math and never felt confident enough after her tests. I reached out to Superior Learning and they have been her tutor since the Summer time. They have helped her understand the question properly first before answering it. Now that she understands the question properly, she knows how to go about answering it and using the right methods. After her tests when I ask her how her test went, now she proudly and confidently says "I did really well." And this is also evident in the grades she has been receiving. Overall, I am very happy to have found Superior Learning and will continue to send my daughter to them as long as she needs it. I have and will still continue to recommend Superior Learning to all my friends

S. Ghobadi

After several attempts of tutoring companies, I am pleased to say that Superior Learning has really helped my son, Mathew, with Math. Since March 2016, Mathew has continued to use this company for help, and looks forward to each session. They make learning easy to understand and explain things well and at my son's pace. They also follow-up after a test, to see if Mathew has any questions or concerns. I would refer Superior Learning to anyone who is looking for an excellent tutoring service.

E. Covassi

Superior Learning has been tutoring one of my daughters for Grade 9 and 10 Math for over 6 months. They have helped her tremendously with the understanding and application of Math concepts. In addition, they have made her more accountable and confident. They are professional and courteous and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

D. Zenobio

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