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Student FAQs

FAQ for Parents & Students

1. How does Superior Learning work?

Easy as a A-B-C.
A. Choose your subject, grade, and location
B. View the tutor's profile and select the one that matches your requirements (as per location, subject, price, experience)
C. Contact your selected tutor, send them a message, book an appointment, and pay online You may want to message several tutors before finding the right one for you. For more details, see How We Work

2. How do I select a tutor?

Very simple! On our Home page, choose your subject, grade, and location and our system will find tutors as per your criteria. You can view each tutor's profile, skills, experiences, availability, and feedback before making your decision on the tutor.

3. Where can I sign up?

There is a Sign Up button at the top right of the page. You can sign up using your Facebook, Google Plus, or email.

4. What if I don't like the tutor?

We continuously do our best to ensure that our tutors possess the highest level of educational and personal attributes. However, if you feel that your tutor is not your right match, please look for another tutor that better matches your needs and email our Support Team at [email protected] so we can investigate your request.

6. Where will the tutoring sessions be held?

Unlike most tutoring companies where you are limited to your house or a learning centre, our sessions provide you with the flexibility to receive instruction anywhere. When booking your appointment with the tutor, a page will pop-up where you can insert the date, time, and more importantly, location address. When accepted by the tutor, this will be the place where the session is held.

7. Can I give feedback on my tutor?

Absolutely and we encourage it. There are two ways you can submit a feedback. One is for Superior Learning as a whole and the second is for your tutor.

For Superior Learning
You can submit your feedback about our services and your experiences working with us. Visit our Testimonials page and submit a review by clicking Give My Feedback. Once submitted, it is reviewed by us to ensure it adheres to our terms.

For Specific Tutor
Students can provide their feedback on their tutors up to 30 days after the completion of their last session. When a review has been submitted, it is examined by us to ensure its compliance with our terms. Once approved, it is posted on the tutor's profile page for potential students to view.

8. The tutor did not respond. What should I do?

We constantly work to ensure that our tutors' list remains updated and avoid this from occurring. However, if this incident does occur, email our Team at [email protected] and we will do our best to connect you with our other qualified tutors at the earliest opportunity.

9. I cannot find a tutor for my subject. What should I do?

No worries. Please send our Support Team an email at [email protected] and we will be pleased to help you find your ideal tutor.

10. Would I receive any resources/homework after the completion of a session?

Please notify your tutor prior or during the session. You may also email our Support Team at [email protected] for practice worksheets. Please note this service is only applicable to clients using our platform.

11. What is Superior Learning's cancellation policy?

Each tutor on Superior Learning set their own cancellation policies. You can view their cancellation policies on their page, under the Profile tab. We recommend that you speak with the tutor using our Messaging system to get further details.

12. What does it mean by Average, Frequent, and Superior responder?

To be determined.

13. Do you perform background checks on all the tutors?

We do our best to ensure we hire the best candidates for the job. However, as in all cases, we recommend that you interview your selected tutors and/or meet with them in a public place for the first time as a safety measure.

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