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About Steven Succar

1. Please describe yourself in a few sentences.

Patient, honest and fun are the three adjectives I get the most in my tutor reviews. I am currently a computer science student in the University of Toronto. I graduated with honors from my high school IB program and was amongst the top 2 percentile in my SAT session.

2. What is your tutoring approach? Give us your history working with students

I strive to make my sessions equally enjoyable and educational because I believe that when the student is in a relaxed environment he/she would be more lenient to approach me and ask for help. Fear in the classroom is already a big issue for a lot of kids, this shouldn't be the case for afterschool help. I also tend to help children with learning difficulties such as ADHD to build study techniques that will keep helping them in the future. 

3. How long have you been a tutor for? What do you most enjoy about it?

I have been a tutor for about 5 years. What I enjoy most is being able to help a depressed student that thinks that he or she is "not smart" to understand the basic and what teachers are looking for. Once a student finally understands the principal, their faces light up and they can't help but smile, I find that smile to be the most satisfying thing I can help to achieve. Helping students with ADHD to not feel inferior to their classmates and excel academically, because they can, is also very gratifying.


B.Sc. in Computer Science | University of Toronto

Additional Information

Grade(s) able to tutor:
Elementary (Grades 1 - 8)
Secondary (Grades 9-12)

Cancellation Policy:
18 Hrs. Cancellation Policy

Teaching Certification:

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