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About Marc Burgess

1. Please describe yourself in a few sentences.

I am a passionate health science graduate currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto. I am an outgoing person who enjoys meeting and working with others. My strong passion in teaching Sciences since my undergraduate studies has allowed me to seek opportunities where I could help my peers and advance my teaching skills. I have successfully helped many students in various areas, most notably in Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics) both at the basic and advanced levels.

2. What is your tutoring approach? Give us your history working with students

Delivering knowledge is an art, hence my tutoring strategy is not fixed yet flexible to meet the student's specific needs.
I try to develop a general understanding of the  student strength and weakness in the working subject. I then develop
a plan that helps the student gain confidence by tackling their weaknesses, improving on their strengths, and advancing
their knowledge and critical thinking skills to enhance their general performance.

3. How long have you been a tutor for? What do you most enjoy about it?

I have more than 2 years of tutoring experiences working with student at the Elementary, Middle, High-school,
and Post-secondary level. I have also successfully coached ACT/SAT students. Personally, I enjoy tutoring because I get to meet students and parents from various background. Furthermore, I like teaching in creative and innovative
strategies to help my students to not only succeed but also to improve on their foundation for their future studies.


Grade School Degree | Grade School Degree
Grade School Degree | Grade School Degree

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