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About Lucas Ng

1. Please describe yourself in a few sentences.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience and Biochemistry from the University of Toronto. I have previously tutored other disciplines at the elementary level for Math, Science and English (although this is my preferred subject). I have also dabbled in teaching music (theory and practice for the viola and violin).

2. What is your tutoring approach? Give us your history working with students

My approach begins with gauging a student's level of experience with any subject matter (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Following this, I will determine the student's learning capability in order to best cater my methodology in ensuring that they not just learn how to solve one problem, but to learn and also retain knowledge to apply to any problem. Through a series of questions and answer, my method focuses on allowing the student to best figure out solutions on their own. Depending on how well this goes, I will gradually reduce my level of guidance throughout the course work to allow the student to become independent in approaching problem solving questions.

3. How long have you been a tutor for? What do you most enjoy about it?

I have tutored on and off for approximately 5 years. I have casually tutored for friends and family in subject matters (mostly in English, some in Math and Science and Music). The greatest enjoyment that I've gained is seeing a student go from dependence to independence. I am sure I'm not unique in this, but the satisfaction in seeing a student's journey from beginning to end is a very rewarding and inspiring experience for me.


BSc. in Neuroscience and Biochemistry | University of Toronto

Additional Information

Grade(s) able to tutor:
Elementary (Grades 1 - 8)
Secondary (Grades 9-12)
Post Secondary (College / University)

Cancellation Policy:
24 Hrs. Cancellation Policy

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